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The day after The Day after Tommorow (if that makes sense)

Watched the movie, Kyle and my Mom cried when Jake Gyllengal said "that's my dad" and woke me was horrible...I had Pizza and may I say the best pizza pappa john's has ever compliments to the chef...except he kept giving me this "hey baby" look when I was waiting...eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww.........Kinda sucked that Javi had to's ok though...this girl tried to argue with him about a dumb bitch probably felt inferior when she walked away...I hate when costumers try to argue with you .." DUMB ASS! I WORK HERE! I THINK I KNOW MORE!" stupid people should die..ok gotta go ...i'm in english....gonna go home eat more pizza and japaneese peanuts..ironically after I go jogging.....
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